Waterproof Wood has just arrived at United Floors!

I never thought I would type this sentence, but here we are.

United Floors now has three manufacturers and distributors that offer a Waterproof Wood option for areas that are typically synonymous with moisture.

Shaw Hardwood, Dansk Hardwood & Estates Hardwood have all introduced the latest in flooring technology. Of course this raises several questions….

How can it be waterproof?

According to the manufacturers of these products, the reason these materials are waterproof are because of two factors.

#1- The veneer wood, or top layer, is on average 1.2mm-1.7mm thick, With wood this thin there is not an opportunity for standing water to effect the wood topically

#2- The core of these products have taken a page out of the vinyl plank handbook, using the stone core for the ultimate waterproof, dimensionally stable and most dent reisitant hardwood on the market today.

How is it installed?

The trend these days is using a locking system or “click” installation method. The waterproof woods have adopted this system as well. So in most applications, this product will float over an existing subfloor or substrate

Do you need pad underneath?

The answer is no. These products will have a pad already attached usually 1mm-1.5mm.

Can the material be refinished?

The answer is no. The veneer on the surface is just too thin to refinish. However the upside according to manufacturers, is because of the great strength provided by the core of the product, the wear warranty on the product can be as high as 35 years, 50 years or lifetime!

Does this mean the waterproof wood is bullet proof?

No…it is extremely durable but make no mistake, if an object heavy enough is dropped on the wood it can result in a board having to be replaced. If something sharp enough is dragged across the finish, it can scratch. No flooring is bullet proof.

Come see for yourself, the next generation of hardwood at your local United Floors.

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