So What’s the Deal with Vinyl Plank?

With all the flooring choices available for people today, it can seem a little overwhelming.
The latest and greatest is what is commonly referred to as vinyl plank. As opposed to sheet vinyl, which is primarily used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, vinyl plank is perfect for any room of the home.

Available in both a plank and tile look, vinyl plank provides a warmer, softer, quieter and a waterproof option compared to hard surface (ie. laminate, hardwood)

Vinyl plank typically has three installation methods, each with benefits:

1. The click installation method is similar to laminate, as it clicks firmly together and floats over the existing subfloor.

2. The glue down method, allows a secure, stable surface. Iif repairs are ever needed, board replacement is as simple as warming the planks, taking up the affected area, regluing and replacing with your extra material.

3. The loose lay method is geared towards to the DIY customer, although we are always available to install as well. Simply prepare the subfloor to manufacturer’s specifications, fasten the perimeter material with the advised adhesive, and lay your floor as you see fit.

The one thing to keep in mind is that any vinyl plank or tile wants a very flat and level subfloor to start. If gluing down the product even more so. So please ensure that the subfloor is prepared correctly for the product.

It is also recommended that in cases of unfiltered sunshine, to secure all methods with an adhesive. Although extremely stable, extreme temperatures can still have adverse effects on the product.

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